Friday, June 3, 2011

Testing 1, 2, 3:

I continued my tests by placing four photos into the document and overlaying the colour range. I then applied blending modes to the colour range that sat on top.

Interesting results:

Colour burn: top right, interesting hot pink effect

Colour dodge: picked up the white highlights, not so good on more solid colour

Hard light: Hot pink detail in top corner and purple on purple in bottom row created a subtle yet interesting effect

Lighten: These were paler than I would like, but there is an interesting effect in mixing the colours and highlighting shadow.

Overlay: The white detail in the top row is quite interesting. I am not sure I want white within the illustration but it is something a bit different. The bottom row has a lovely mix of colours

Saturation: This had a rather curious introduction of green to the images. It was a lot more effective on the photos with a dark base in the top row.

Really didn’t work:

Difference: The colour were very dark and murky.

Hue: The colours were very dull and unispiring

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