Monday, June 6, 2011

page 9

On page nine I wanted to explain how one would fill the shapes made with different things: photos, gradients, patterns and solid colours.

My first thought was to just do one large dress image and have arrows going to it indicating the different things I have done.

However when I started typing out instructions, there seemed to be clear stages to the the filling process:
- large shape with photos
- medium shapes with gradients
- small shapes with patterns
- smaller shapes with solid colours

I thought that having the one large image would probably be a bit confusing. Instead I tried to capture the process of filling through four little photos. Using whole dress really didn't work very well. The dress was such a large object that putting it into the document meant that there was hardly any space for text and it had to be really small. Instead I chose to use just the top half of the dress. It uses all four of the fillings I wanted to illustrate so it worked well.

I then added arrows to make the shapes I was talking about clear to the viewer.

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