Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fashion Films

Today we began looking at fashion films, looking at a range of different films created by fashion houses to explicitly or subtly sell things.

Recently fashion film seems to be becoming the "in thing" to do. But of the ones that we watched there seemed to be an awful lot of mediocrity. Let's be honest, if you put beautiful boys and girls in beautiful clothes in a beautiful set then there is a 99% chance they are going to look good. Surely that kind of thing is covered by the realm of advertising?

In my opinion, if you are going to make a fashion film you need to say something more than just if you buy this product you will:
a) look good/be happy
b) get a hot man/woman

If you are making a fashion film give it some depth, some allusion, a narrative (other than just the hot love interest or object to lust over), tell the audience something about your brand. Just give it a reason to exist instead of making a long winded, glorified ad!

Here is one of my current favourite fashion films. Prada spring/summer 2011. Short and sweet. No dialogue, just some fun music and dancing that compliments and captures the feel of the collection!

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