Saturday, June 4, 2011

And now for the blending modes:

I have now finished adding all the details to the dress. There are photos used on the left shoulder detail, the CF waist panel and left skirt panel. Stripe patterns have been utilized across the right bust and left waist. The gradient tool has been used across the left bust on the whole panel, and on the shoulder and skirt to add shadow detail.

Now that the basis is down, the blending modes may be applied. A range were used depending on the particular panel it was being applied to.

On the right shoulder I utilised overlay, to allow the hot pink of the photo show through. For the feature panels over the top of darker panels on the lower bust, I used the lighten and colour modes to add some range of depth to the dress.

Colour burn was one of my favourite modes to use and made up the majority of the skirt blending modes, with selective use of saturation and lighten in the minor top detail.

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