Monday, June 6, 2011

4,5,6 and 7

On these pages I plan to outline the basic function of each blending mode. I've taking information from my experimentation with the modes and a couple of online sources.

Earlier on I posted the samples I intended to include. Each blending mode had two samples
- Two photos
- A box and a stripe pattern

Although this did provide a clear idea of blending modes and their use in different situations, there were a few issues. Firstly it was not a particularly nice colour scheme and didn't tie in with the rest of the booklet. Secondly (and probably a bit more importantly) the use of two samples really didn't allow space for the text.

To overcome this I formed a new set of shapes to layer with. Instead of using just two shape I layered four together. I picked a range of colours so there was a range of light, dark, bright, dull etc. I also added a black and white image at the back to clearly demonstrate the use of blending modes.
This combination ended up working a lot better than I expected. It managed to get noticeable results for each blending mode, and the images tie in well with the colour scheme and vibe of the booklet.

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