Sunday, June 5, 2011


I've been trying to choose a title font. There are several things I am looking for:

- Something clear
- Something bold (this isn't quite the right word, maybe strong is a better way of describing it)
- Something that balances the dress and the background that I am developing
- Somthing that ties in with the illustration

I'm moving towards using Birmingham (the top image). It has enough structure to stand off against the image. But it manages to compliment it with the little accents it has. We did discuss in class the difficulty of these kind of fonts to read, particularly in bulk. So I am planning to use this for titles and that is all. The bulk of the text is going to be in myriad pro, my current favourite font. Simple and easy to read. Amidst all the detail of the booklet I think it will be good to have something simple. I'm going with Amy's advice with 9pt for the bulk of the text.

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