Saturday, June 4, 2011


After making up my dress and changing my colour palate, the backdrop I originally planned to use doesn't seem very appropriate in its colour or style.
Instead I decided to try and continue the use of blending modes into the background through a use of collage and blending modes.
I began with a couple of paint brush strokes to pick up on the same colours as the dress.
I then added some tree silhouettes, linking to the use of trees in skirt of the dress. The silhouttes of trees give some depth to the background without making it too heavy. I changed the opacity of some of the them to make it a more textures. I then applied some blending modes to the strokes so that the texture from the trees comes through clearly.

Finally I added some faded images to the background the bulk it out. I used images that I had used within the dress to give is some continuity and tie it all together.
When it is all together there is a sense of radiation within the image from the the dress out into the backdrop.

Note: I still need to choose a title font and add that to the image.

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