Friday, June 3, 2011

Colours: Testing 1

When picking a colour palate for the dress I am unsure if it is better to go for a small range of similar colours or if it would be better to get a range of colours that are not all complimentary. I am wondering if a range of similar colours would allow the blending modes to add coloured highlights?

I am drawn to using blues at the moment. In both my previous assessments I have used bright reds, pinks and oranges, so I would like to explore a different mood through my colour palate.

Testing 1:

I started off making blocks of basic colours within the blue and purple range. I then placed a second one on top and applied blending modes to it to see how it would change. Because there was limited colour variation and no points of extreme darkness or lightness, the results were rather subtle.

This has helped determine the effect of blending these similar colours, most importantly, that it creates colours that similarly compliment the colour range.


Hard light


Soft Light

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