Monday, May 9, 2011

What type are you?

I've narrowed down my selection to three:

I like each of these fonts for a different reason. Quigley Wiggly is a very strong font that grabs the attention. I think it would give the posters a very clear, strong heading. However I am not sure that the style is quite right. It seems very bold and thick in contrast to the delicacy of my lines. There is an assertiveness about Birmingham that would make it a good heading font. The little features on each letter makes the font a little softer which could make it work well with my illustrations. Calson Initials captures the softness and detail of my artwork but I'm not sure if it is strong enough for a heading. The slight italic nature of it weakens the font.

I am going to try each of these fonts in the posters themselves to see how they work with my figures.

Stay tuned for the final decision.

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