Monday, May 9, 2011


I decided on my layouts rather early on in my project, but I only thought to blog about them now.
Each poster has been considered as an individual piece and as a part of the set of posters.

As a set of three:
- I didn't want all my posters to have exactly the same layout. Instead I wanted there to be some interest across the three, so that when viewed togeter they have a flow between them. That is why I chose to put the figures in varied positions. The first poster has the figure on the bottom left, the second in the middle and the third on the right. This balances their positions across the set of three.
- In order to create a sense of importance with the text, I wanted there to be consistency across the three posters of font, size and position. I put the text across the top of each poster to make it a feature in each individually and in the set.

As individual posters:
- The place of the figure on each poster was impmortant for shaping the layout of each poster. After picking my figures I moved them around in order to find the most appropriate position. This meant a larger central figure for poster 2 and smaller figures placed to one side for the other two.
- The posters looked very bare with just the figures, so some sort of feature needed to be added to create interest. I needed something that would create a link between the text and the image and make a cohesive poster.
- The place of title was quite obvious for me. I have been considering for a while the purpose of this poster to advertise an event. Thus it was important for the title to be attention grabbing. I find posters with text at the top really easy to digest as my eye is immediately drawn to the top corner and then on to images or other information. I therefore decided to put my text at the top of each of my posters so that is the first thing that attracts attention. This had to be slightly different for each of my posters. For no. 1 it was closer to the right hand side but remained left justified. For no. 2 I left it centered as that complimented the figure better than a left justified title. Then for no. 3 I had it left justified in the top left corner.
- The postion of text was a little trickier. I tried to place text in blocks so that it was easier to digest than one huge block of text. (I'll write more on the breakdown of text later.) I then aligned it with left justification as my feedback from last assessment made that it clear that this is the easiest format to read in. If this poster is meant to be an advertisement then it needs to be as easy to read as possible. For posters 2 and 3 the text sat down the left hand side and compliment the layout of the artwork. No. 1 was a little trickier as the figure was down the left hand side. I kept the left justification but broke the text into smaller chunks to move down the right hand side.

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