Monday, May 9, 2011

Trying to pick fonts can be so overwhelming. There are so many out there!

I have been looking online at:

There are quite a few different ones that I think could be suitable for my posters.


Some decisions first:

1) Will one font be used for the whole poster or will there be different fonts for the title and the bulk of the text??
2) Will I use the same font on all three posters?
3) Do I want capital letters or little letters?

I've decided to try and find fonts specifically for the titles of my posters, then later I can decide if I want to use the same font for the bulk of the text. I'm not too fussed about capital letters vs small letters, I think this is largely dependent on the style of the font which is the most important factor. Lastly I am going to try and find one font for all three posters. This will tie my posters strongly together as a set of three.

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