Monday, May 9, 2011

How to fill the void??

It is not so much a void as just a bit of empty space around each poster. To try and tie together the text and fashion figure I am trying to incorporate something extra .

"Full bloom" was a pretty obvious choice, I continued the flower motif of the collage into lines that weave up the side and base of the poster.

"For fun" was the trickiest to decide upon. I tried adding cut outs behind the figure of fireworks and sparklers but that didn't allow space for the text . It also did not tie to the illustration. In order to try and connect the three posters together I wanted to add some red to the poster. In the end I settled on a red cut out behind the figure.

For "For the better" I used the spot pattern in the skirt cut out and continued it in the top right corner. This balances the heavy base of the skirt with the text

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