Tuesday, May 10, 2011


With just a block colour my figure looked very 2D and boring. To try and create some dimension to the work I wanted to render it, however I still wanted to keep it very minimal to balance the business of the rest of the figure.


(I love that word)

After playing around with a variety of methods (colour mesh, paintbrush etc) however in each of these I was trying to create a really realistic face and body that really didn't compliment the rest of the images. Instead I decided to try and reproduce the shapes and lines of the rest of the artwork within the skin through layers of shapes in slightly different shades. Ths would be a lot less "realistic" but more in keeping with the aesthetic of the work as a whole with a looseness and relaxed style.
After doing this I though it tied quite well with the image as a whole. The one issue was that subtle colour changes didn't really stand out enough. I ended up going for three tones, a basic skin colour, a white highlight and a dark cream shadow. This looks a bit odd at first but I think it creates the allusion of dimension a lot more effectively than the subtle one.

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