Sunday, May 22, 2011

Basic Applications

I am trying to put together some information about blending modes so I can work out what I am going to say in my booklet. I need to demostrate both the basic applications of the blending mode, where to find it and how to apply it, and then how I have applied blending modes in my fashion illustration.

To start off: Basic applications.
There are sixteen basic applications (including normal, but that one is a bit of a farce). These can be split down into:
Darkening modes - darken, multiply and colour burn
Lightening modes - lighten, screen and colour dodge
Contrast blending modes - overlay, soft light and hard light
Comparative blending modes - difference and exclusion
Image component blending modes - hue, saturation, colour and luminosity

Each mode will change the way that an object (this can be patterns, graphics, photos, brushes ect) interact with objects underneath them.

It is difficult to find two objects that really clearly demonstrate how each blending mode works. Instead I have used two for each mode to try and clearly show what each does.

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