Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Working on the inside pages of my file didn't go exactly as planned. Here were some of the problems I encountered:

- Trying to balance the intense colour of the photo and the very simple style of the illustrations. I ended up choosing denser backgrounds to try and balance the colour and richness of the photo.

- I planned on having the photo on just one A5 page, possibly two photos. But having two photos felt very disjointed and out of balance. When I selected the image I wanted it then didn't fit well at all on one page. Eventually I decided to spread it over two pages. I think this provides the document with a good center of balance.

- Fitting text in with illustrations. I tried about a million and one different backgrounds for the text page. Picking up on the fading of the photo to its left, picking up on the coloured gradient circles from the opposite end of the concertina, solid shapes, gradients, loopy lines to tie with the line work elsewhere in the inside. It was just so tricky to find one that harmonizes with all the different facets. In the end I decided to keep it simple grey scale to offset the rich photo next to it. I used a little line work to link it with the right hand end of the file

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