Monday, March 21, 2011

Where to start?

I've had a couple of different ideas for my front cover, but have decided to try and pick up on the feel of the images within to influence my style. I really love Joshua Datu's dreamscape photos that combine layers of photos to make really surreal landscapes. I chose to use one of his images as a backdrop.

I decided to add further layers to the image by adding another picture over the top.

My next issue was selecting an figure that would fit into that landscape without looking totally out of place. I chose this Gemma Ward photo by Craig McDean for Vogue Italia. The volume and layers of her dress are really interesting and provide a lot of opportunity to experiment with brushes and layers. I think it is ideal for the layout as the dress is reminiscent of the clouds and can be blended into the background to create a cover that ties together.

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