Monday, March 22, 2010


This week we had to learn to use a scanner to help us work out how different resolutions and settings impact on an image. I have had a scanner for ages and have always just used the default settings so I was interested to find out what different things I could do.
This homework seemed easy enough to me. Plug in the scanner, choose a picture, scan it on a few different settings and you're done right? Alas no.
I plugged in the scanner. Nothing happened. No device being read, no icons popping up on my desktop. Nothing. After trying again, and venting of frustration I talked to my sister. It turns out that this scanner has only ever been used on my dad's PC and isn't compatible with my Mac. Thanks canon, really helpful. What ensued was several hours of searching canon help pages to find the driver to download, that would make the scanner work. I followed the instructions to the letter and once more it failed. Frustrated would be an understatement at this point.
Credit goes to my sister who continued the search until she found the blog of a middle aged English guy ( who told us how to make it work. Blogs are worthwhile after all!

My scanner automatically descreens. The first is the automatic descreened one and the second is the non descreened version.

The second part of this homework was to scan the image at three different dpi's. From top to bottom it goes 75dpi, 150dpi and 400dpi. My scanner doesn't let you type in what dpi you want and select whatever so I had to choose one of the preset options.

On an end note, I love this dress. This Proenza Schouler collection was amazing. Such great colour and texture. Wow.

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