Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some useful things learned from project 1:
- Photoshop isn't actually as bad as one may first think, it can actually be quite dandy
- I can now even insert pictures, warp them, flip them and make them transparent
- I can also draw lines, erase, put on filters, make new layers, duplicate things and the list goes on.
That's right, I have the skills.
- Printers can be very nice people, just look like a bewildered small child and they will usually take pity and do it all for you.
- Printing isn't as expensive as first thought, however spending $20 on magazines as a reward for finishing the assignment does not balance this saving out!
- Possibly THE most important thing I learned was to never ever ever use double sided tape while your hair is out. It is ridiculously painful to remove. Seriously.

These are my concept boards, the template, collage and creative. My favourite one is my creative. I think it is the most exciting one to look at and I had the most fun making it. That said, I will probably use my template as it communicates my ideas most clearly. And lets not even talk about the collage.

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